Dinamic Oil produces one of the largest and most complete ranges of planetary gearboxes in the industry, up to an impressive 2.2 million ft-lbs of nominal gearbox torque. Whether your application is mobile, industrial, hydraulic, or electric, we have a solution to meet your requirements.
Our extensive range of planetary gearboxes extends from 750 ft-lbs to 2.2 million ft-lbs of nominal gearbox torque with gearbox ratios ranging from 3.5 to 22,000 : 1. The RE and GB series of planetary gearboxes have axial, radial, and torque ratings that surpass current industry standards for any given size and come complete with an extensive offering of output/input configurations and accessories.
Our planetary gearboxes can be supplied with the following outputs; flange mounts, foot supports, or shaft mounted with shrink discs. The output shafts can be male or female, cylindrical, splined, square, or hexagon, and our integral pinion output shafts have made us leaders in the small slew and yaw drive markets.

RE Series

Our RE Series of planetary gearboxes are compact and highly efficient at 98% efficiency per reduction stage. Available with a wide array of input and output accessories. RE Series offers 740 to 59,200 ft-lbs of nominal gearbox torque.

GB Series

The GB Series is our high torque range of planetary gearboxes. Offering a sizeable torque range and available with a wide array of input and output accessories. GB offers 88,560 to an impressive 2.2 million ft-lbs of nominal gearbox torque.

EH Series – Track Drive

Our EH Track Drives design allows for a wide range or ratio combinations. The Track Drives come with integral negative static multi-disc brakes and variable or fixed motor inputs. EH offers 73,800 to 332,100 ft-lbs of nominal gearbox torque.

WD Series

The WD series is designed for hoist applications. The Winch Drive series is highly customizable and can be supplied with or without hydraulic motor and valve assemblies. WD offers 4,000 to 380,000 ft-lbs of nominal gearbox torque.

HyPer Drive Series

The HyPer Drive series combines the advantages of the GB gearboxes with the modular advantages of parallel shaft & helical bevel gearboxes and gear motors. The result is a high-performance combined package for industrial applications.

Custom Gearboxes

The modular design of our planetary gearboxes and our flexible thinking allows for easy customization. We have successfully designed and implemented countless customized planetary gearbox solutions.

Gearbox Accessories

Every application is unique and has different requirements. Our gearboxes are designed to accommodate a variety of accessories to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Negative Static Multi Disc Brakes

Dinamic Oil designs and produces all of our own wet negative static multi-disc brakes in house. The brakes are optional accessories for our planetary gearboxes and winch drives and offer a wide range of torque ratings. Brakes can also be configured as “dry” brakes, that allows them to function at increased input speeds without overheating, others can accommodate sprag clutches. Each brake is 100% tested to ensure the rated braking torque is verified.

NEMA And IEC Electric Motor Inputs

All of our RE and GB Series Gearboxes come with optional NEMA and IEC Electric Motor Inputs. The frame sizes vary from NEMA 56 to 365 and IEC 71 to IEC 355. Electric Motors can be mounted directly onto gearbox and adapted to inline or bevel configurations.

Foot Supports

All of Dinamic Oil’s RE and GB series of planetary gearboxes come with optional cast or fabricated foot supports. The modular and robust design allows for easy field installation.

Other accessories include:

  • Torque arms
  • Shrink discs
  • Two-speed inputs and disconnects
  • Water cooling jackets

Refer back to this page as we regularly add more accessories to complement our product range.

Please contact us to learn more about our custom engineered solutions.