Custom Gearboxes

The modular design of our planetary gearboxes and our flexible thinking allows for easy customization. We have successfully designed and implemented countless customized solutions. Whether your gearbox needs to fit into an existing space, consists of a unique configuration, or simply requires a particular paint color, we are ready to assist. Contact us to learn more.

Our planetary gearboxes are used in a wide range of industrial applications across multiple industries including mobile equipment, food and beverage production, raw materials processing, energy, drilling and mining, marine and several others.

While our extensive offering of standard gearboxes and components typically meet the requirements of most applications, there are benefits to designing a custom gearbox. Customization allows for specific requirements to be met. It also provides our customers with the opportunity to be involved in the engineering and development process.

Examples of custom designs include:

  • Dimension modifications
  • Special reduction ratios
  • High-speed applications
  • Special shaft designs
  • Different gear or housing materials
  • Unique mounting requirements
  • Multiple output shaft options
  • Custom painting
  • Special lubrication requirements

What we offer for custom solutions:

  • Engineering availability to develop customer ideas
  • Application engineer review to ensure correct product selections
  • Modify existing gear components to meet new requirements
  • Complete drawing package including 3D models

Custom gearboxes can be an ideal solution for equipment and applications with unique requirements or when you need to replicate obsolete components. All of our custom gearboxes are engineered for your specific application using cost-effective process and materials.

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