Telescopic SSL Mount

The Tele-Mount is designed to provide maximum flexibility and can be used in three different configurations making this the most modular SSL mount available in the helical pile installation industry. The telescopic boom can be pinned at various lengths and comes standard with removable transport stabilizers.


  • Position One – SSL plate with base reciver provides 48” pivot point position
  • Position Two – SSL plate with telescopic boom offers an additional 65” of pin height
  • Position Three – Excavator job mount using the base receiver section
  • Up to 14 feet of pin height when used on large skid steer loaders
  • Standard removable stabilizers are included – no need to pay extra for a storage frame
  • Removable stabilizers will enable the operator to attach and transport the Anchor Drive easily
  • Built-in rollers allow the telescopic boom to slide easily during extension and retraction
  • Telescopic boom can be pinned at various lengths to make installation heights manageable
  • Full articulation using the cast link arm allows for accurate installation angles
  • Excavator ear kits install easily and quickly using a universal plate/bolt pattern
  • Universal SSL quick-attachment plate fits most modern skid steer loaders
  • One-piece cast link arm and 45mm connection pins included
  • Designed to work with the SA5, SA6, SA7, SA12, SA16, and TA16 Anchor Drive models
  • Stocked in Charlotte, North Carolina

Telemount Datasheet