SA Series Anchor Drive

Our single-speed SA series is compact yet robust, utilizing hydraulic orbit motors coupled to our highly-efficient planetary gearboxes. SA series is available in a range from 3,200 ft-lbs to 30,000 ft-lbs of torque.


  • No case drain required on all SA series models
  • Counterbalance and pressure relief valves are standard
  • All SA series models can easily be converted to use the Energi torque management system
  • One-piece cast alloy bail housing on SA5, 6, and 7 models provide ultimate strength while reducing weight
  • One-piece removable cast alloy ear section on SA12, 16, and 20 allow for ultimate adaptability
  • Multiple prime mover mounting options available in standard and custom configurations
  • Hardened steel connection pin is standard
  • Heat-treated cast alloy link arm provides full drive articulation
  • 98% efficient planetary gears
  • Developed to work with a wide range of prime movers (skid steers and excavators)
  • High torque output in a condensed package
  • Smooth and quiet transmission due to planetary gear design profile
  • Stocked in Charlotte, North Carolina

SA Series Datasheet

Maintenance Manual
SA Series Owners Manual



Energi Torque Management System
The patent-pending Energi system is designed to help you get the most out of your planetary anchor drive attachment. This groundbreaking system monitors and records real-time helical pier installation data. All installation parameters are displayed on your mobile device using the free Energi app. All recorded data is formatted into an easy-to-read installation report and can be emailed from your mobile device as a PDF.
Click here to learn more – link to Energi System info

Energi 360 Service
The Energi 360 program is a complete preventative maintenance service that calibrates the Energi torque management system and inspects the essential components of your Drive. This annual program includes a full evaluation of the Anchor Drive, enabling you to spend your time operating your Anchor Drive, not servicing it.
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Prime Mover Mounting Kits
All mounting kits are designed to provide maximum reach and excellent visibility. Dinamic Oil offers mounts to work on most prime movers, including skid steers, excavators, backhoes, and walk-behind loaders. Our mounts are available in a variety of configurations providing our customers with the right solution every time.

Walk-Behind SSL Mount

Standard SSL Mount



Refer back to this page as we regularly add more accessories to complement our product range.