Excavator Mounts

The Saber Mount series is designed to take the demanding torsional loads of helical pile installation. All Saber mounts provide full articulation allowing for accurate pile placement and installation. The integrated dual cradle feature provides user-friendly and productive Anchor Drive positioning and operation. The modular design of the Saber Mount makes it adaptable to a wide range of prime movers. Ideal for users that rent or have multiple machines in their fleet.


  • The removable top section allows the Saber Series to be used on a wide range of prime movers
  • Available to support up to 80,000 ft-lbs of installation torque
  • The dual cradle feature positions the Anchor Drive to improve pile connections and stops the Drive from swinging during transport
  • The geometry of the dual cradle positions the Anchor Drive parallel with the ground making pile connections safe and easy
  • A572 Grade 50 steel is used in the construction of all excavator mounts
  • The Link Arm allows full articulation, reducing the chances of binding up the Anchor Drive during installation
  • Custom mount designs available for special applications
  • Saber Mount kits are stocked in Charlotte, North Carolina

Dual Pin Mounts – Also known as quick coupler mounts, connect to the prime mover using the customer-provided quick coupler.  Dual pin mounts require the use of a link arm and come standard with a cradle feature to simplify the helical pile connection to the Anchor Drive.

SaberMount Datasheet