Excavator Mounts

Our single and dual-pin excavator mounts are designed to take the demanding torsional loads of helical pile installation. All excavator mounts provide full articulation for accurate pile placement/installation. The dual-pin design cradle the Anchor Drive to make operation and transport simple and effective.


  • Single-Pin Design: connects directly to the excavator stick - simple and cost-effective
  • Dual-Pin Design: connects the quick coupler and utilizes a link arm for full Anchor Drive articulation
  • A572 Grade 50 steel used in the construction of all excavator mounts
  • Link arm and connection pins included in all dual-pin mounts
  • Dual-Pin mounts utilize the cradle feature to make pile connections easier and safer for ground crews
  • Designed to work with all Dinamic Oil Anchor Drive models
  • Custom mount designs available for special applications
  • Universal base sections stocked in Charlotte, North Carolina

Single Pin Mounts – connect directly to the prime mover stick (arm) using the bucket pin.  The mount provides full articulation and is ideal for models up to 20,000 ft-lbs of torque.

Dual Pin Mounts – Also known as quick coupler mounts, connect to the prime mover using the customer-provided quick coupler.  Dual pin mounts require the use of a link arm and come standard with a cradle feature to simplify the helical pile connection to the Anchor Drive.

Excavator Mount brochure