Dinamic Oil's Planetary Hoists are helping alleviate the growing need of water, the most essential element for humanity



Over 3000 years ago, a man fashioned together a strange apparatus of bamboo, chord, rocks and timber and began twirling, twisting and pounding his way into the earth in search of that most precious mineral of all - WATER !

Fast forward to the 21st Century and Drilling Rigs are used to drill water wells, oil wells and extract precious metals.

Dinamic Oil's Planetary Hoists have been selected to drive the latest Fraste Water Well Drilling Rig. Our hoists provide the modularity, lightweight and compact performance required to drill for Water, Oil, Natural Gas and much much more.

The variety of accessories and range of Line Pulls we can we can supply allow our customers to power our hoists with orbit, radial piston, gear, fixed or variable bent axis hydraulic motors. The depth of available ratios we can supply ensures that the most efficient transmission of torque is achieved.

"Dinamic Oil's Planetary Hoists offered the compact lightweight configuration we need on the boom head. Their Cable Tensioner Package, that can assembled onto the hoist in the field, gave our End Users the option to add accessories to their hoist after it left the factory !"

45 years of experience, constantly improved by research and development allows us to offer customized planetary hoists for Water Well Drills.

Imagine what we could do for you ?