Hoist Test Bay

In order to provide a superior hoist experience, we dynamically test every hoist prior to shipment. This ensures your hoist will work the first time, every time. The test process consists of hoist installation on our multi configuration test bench, cable spooling, load selection and test cycle.  The system can provide 50 GPM and 4500 psi and the computerized control center allows us to set a relief pressure or flow rate, and is pre configured for prototype or production hoists.

  •  Every hoist assembled or repaired is subject to dynamic testing
  •  Ensures product is ready for use when you are
  • Used for Prototype Testing
  • Ensures counter balance valves are properly set
  •  Line Pull verification by Pressure (psi)
  • Line Speed verification by Flow (GPM)
  • Recertification of API 2C Hoists
  • Test Certificates are available by serial number upon request
  •  Static and Dynamic Seal Test
  • Brake Hold Test
  • Sprag Clutch Test
  •  Ascent and Descent under 50% Load
  • Verification of Line Pull and Speed at given psi and GPM
  • Log Test Results by Serial Number