Dinamic Oil produces one of the most complete and versatile ranges of planetary hoists and hoist drives in the industry. The A, NP, P and S Series complete our standard hoist offering from 1,000 to 21,000 lbs of nominal drum Line Pull, whilst the SRD and WDD Series of Hoists and Drives allow our customers to select or create customized solutions up to 95,000 lbs of nominal drum Line Pull. This extensive range of planetary hoists, coupled with our customer orientated design approach ensures complete application and client satisfaction.

Whether your application be marine offshore, oilfield, utility, mobile cranes, or drilling, our products are designed to be flexible because every customer, like you, needs a unique product. 

Dinamic Oil designs all of its planetary hoists to conform to UNI ISO 4301/1 Classification for Cranes and Lifting  Appliances.  As  part  of  our  own  internal  validation  process  our  hoists  are  subject  to  scrupulous fatigue, dynamic, overload and destructive tests, making our hoists well sought after for mission critical applications. 

The A Series is Dinamic Oil's response to the US Hoist Distribution market, but with noticeable improvements. The Series ranges from 1,000 - 21,000 lbs of drum Line Pull and was designed with our flexible thinking approach. The hoist supports were pre-drilled to accommodate the ordering and installation of optional accessories in the field (Cable Tensioners, Last Wrap Indicators) and our comprehensive US based stock and hoist test bay ensures we can design and modify the motor mount and drum configuration locally.  The drums can be smooth, helical or with A-Synchronous grooving. The motors can be Orbit, Gear or Axial Piston. The Series is completed with our proprietary negative static disc brakes and sprag clutch.

The SRD Series of hoists are designed with flexibility in mind using our WD Series Winch Drives. By exploiting our complete range of planetary gearboxes, Dinamic Oil possess's the internal building blocks to customize SRD hoists with Line Pulls of 16,000 - 70,000 lbs and for any application. Customers will immediately appreciate the power of this winning combination that allows us to rapidly design and produce Turnkey Customized Hoists with ratios between 15 and 500:1, inline, or right angle configurations, with inputs for hydraulic, electric or mechanical drives and a full complement of accessories (Cable Tensioners, Aux & Band Brakes, Electronic Load Detection Systems, Last Wrap Indicators and encoders).

The WD Series comes in 12 sizes and is DNV and ABS Type Approved. The WD Series are the planetary gear building blocks to our SRD Series and Custom Hoists.

The WDD Series are semi complete Winch Drives, with a drum and outboard bearing support.  This personalized solution offers the ability to fit the drum directly into the crane structure.

The NP Series was designed for low Line Pull applications that require an extremely compact, economical but efficient solution. The drum is integral to the planetary ring gear ensuring a compact design and increased Line Pull/ weight ratio.

The  P  Series  hoists  achieved  success  on  the  market  with  their innovative  design  whereby  the  motor, and counter balance valve are almost entirely hidden inside the drum. When space is a limiting factor, the P Series excels.   

The S and SE Series hoists are the work horse of the European product offering.

Hoist Configuration:

Planetary Hoists are composed of 5 major components and optional accessories.

Motor – The drive motor can be hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or mechanical.

Counter Balance Valve – The valve is a core component of the hoist assembly that dynamically controls the load when lowering to ensure every lift is safe and secure. 

Negative  Static  Multi Disc  Brake –  The  brake  is  composed  of  alternating  bronze  and  steel  discs  connected  to the  motor  drive  shaft  and  the  hoist  body.    The  brake  is  controlled  by  a  counter  balance  valve that  ensures safe  opening  and  closing  of  the  static  brake.    An  optional  sprag  clutch  can  be  used  when  additional safety precautions are required. 

Planetary  Gearbox –  the  high  efficiency  planetary  gearbox  inside  the  hoist  develops  the  torque necessary to lift maximum loads. Our hoists are typically designed with 2 or 3 reduction stages with ratios between 4:1 and 150:1, however, contrary to many traditional hoist manufacturers, due to the depth of ratios available to Dinamic Oil, there are no limits to our ratio options.

Drum and Support Structure – the drum and support structure can be high quality cast iron or laser cut structural steel. 

Accessories –  Our  planetary  hoists  were  designed  to  accommodate  Cable  Tensioners,  Last  Wrap Indicators (LWI), Electronic Load Detection Systems (ELD) and Drum Rotation Indicators (DRI).