Big, Bold & Powerful

Dinamic Oil produces one of the largest and most complete ranges of planetary gearboxes in the industry, up to an impressive 2.2 million ft.lbs of nominal gearbox torque.

Whether your application be mobile, industrial, hydraulic or electric, our products are designed to be flexible because every customer, like you, needs a unique solution.

Dinamic Oil Gearbox

Dinamic Oil Gearbox Assembly LineThe planetary gearbox range extends from 750 ft.lbs to 2.2 mln ft.lbs of nominal gearbox torque with gearbox ratios ranging from 3.5 to 22,000 : 1.  Our planetary gearboxes were designed for the most demanding applications; be  those  with the  consistent intermittent  and peak  torques  of  mobile applications, or the long lifetime requirements of 24/7 mining operations. The new RE and GB series of planetary gearboxes have axial, radial and torque ratings that surpass current industry standards for any given size and come complete with a wide ranch of output / input configurations and accessories. Our planetary gearboxes can be supplied with the following outputs; flange mounts, foot supports, or shaft mounted with shrink discs. The output shafts can be male or female, cylindrical, splined, square or hexagon and our integral pinion output shafts have made us leaders in the small slew and yaw drive markets. The output accessories vary from splined bushings, pinions, flange couplings, shrink discs, and male splined shafts. The input accessories vary from high speed input shafts, bevel gears, hydraulic brakes, control valves, clutches and direct IEC, NEMA and SAE motor mounts. In addition to our standard range of products and accessories, Dinamic Oil has assisted many customers develop customized solutions to satisfy their specific needs. This customer orientated approach and design flexibility establishes our organization as a global leader in the power transmission and lift industries.