Dinamic Oil's Planetary Gearboxes are helping overcome the growing problem of environmental waste



Recycling is important in today’s world if we want to leave the planet for future generations. More than 60% of the waste that ends up in trash bins, 100% of glass and 80% of a vehicle can be recycled and reused.

Dinamic Oil Gearboxes have been selected to drive many Industrial Shredders. Our gearboxes provide the modularity, lightweight and compact performance required to shred wood, cardboard, PET-PVC, tires, aluminium and much more.

The variety of input configurations we can supply allow our customers to connect our gearboxes to radial piston, fixed or variable bent axis, or electric motors.  The output configurations can be female splined, male splined, cylindrical and can be customized to support increased radial and axial loads. The depth of available ratios we can supply ensures that the most efficient transmission of shredding torque is achieved.



"Dinamic Oil was the only supplier willing to modify their gearbox circular pattern to reduce the center line distance between the two drives. Their flexibility allowed us to create a superior shredder."

As part of our modular design and foresight, our planetary gearboxes were designed to accommodate 2 or 3 gearbox models in one frame size.  For example, the RE 510 and 610 gearboxes share the same ring gear and drive shaft allowing our customers to increase their drive torque by 20% without having to re engineer their structure.  The increased torque is achieved by adding a planetary gear per reduction stage, up to 5 total.  This addition yields another significant advantage to shredding operators as more planet gears help absorb the high impact loads inherent to shredding applications. 

45 years of experience, constantly improved by research and development allows us to offer customized planetary gearboxes for shredding machines.

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