Dinamic Oil's Planetary Gearboxes are helping sustain the Goliat FPSO Oil Platform!



Crude Oil is one of the most actively traded commodities in the world and a key driver of any economy. For this reason crude oil exploration is of international importance.

The Goliat Oilfield is located in an ice-free area of the Barents Sea off the coast of Norway. It sets the industry standard as activity migrates into the increasingly harsh Arctic North.

Dinamic Oil’s Planetary Gearboxes are playing an important role in sustaining the Goliat’s crude oil extraction by driving mooring winches used on the FPSO. Our High Torque GB Planetary Gearboxes were selected due to their modularity, lightweight and compact performance required to keep the platform safely positioned.

The entire project cost more than 6 Billion USD in direct investment and the field is estimated to contain reserves of more than 180 million barrels. Production is expected to last at least 15 years, reaching a max daily output of 100,000 barrels.


"Dinamic Oil’s proven flexibility and rugged design provided the winning combination when we selected the Mooring Winch main drives. In the harsh Arctic Environment downtime is unacceptable and the Mooring function is a mission critical application for the platform. For these reasons, the Mooring Winch Drives had to be the best in the industry."


45 years of experience, constantly improved by research and development allows us to offer customized planetary gearboxes for marine offshore mooring winches.

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