Dinamic Oil's Electronic Load Detection System is helping Drillers limit shock loading !



Strong Foundations are paramount when building new houses, buildings or infrastructure. Unfortunately, drilling holes is not as easy as it sounds.

Dinamic Oil’s Planetary Hoists equipped with their new ELD Electronic Load Detection system actively supply real time data on the hoist to the Drill Operator (Line Pull, Line Speed and Cable Layer). The system can be configured with Alarms or Pre Alarms that automatically stop drilling when the line pull drops, indicating that the drill has bottomed out in the hole. The speed and efficiency of the ELD can drastically reduce shock loads from reverberating throughout the rig.

In addition to these exciting hoist accessories, the variety of Dinamic Oil's product offering allows us to select or construct custom hoists to fit into the unique dimensional requirements of any Rig Manufacturer's Machine.


"Dinamic Oil’s advanced technology and flexible design provided the winning combination when we selected our Drill Rig Hoist. On Contract Drill Sites, downtime is unacceptable and the Drill Rig has to get the job done quickly and safely. The Electronic Load Detection System provides the Drill Operator with real time data of the hoist that can be used to add new layers of safety and limit stoppage time."


45 years of experience, constantly improved by research and development allows us to offer customized planetary hoists for the foundation drilling market.

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