Motorized Drums (WDD)

Motorized Drums (WDD)

Dinamic Oil's Motorized Drums (WDD) empower our customers to design their own hoist.  The WDD is composed of a planetary winch drive (WD Series) and a cast or fabricated drum and external bearing support. The drum length and flange diameter are customer defined along with the drum style (grooved or smooth) reduction ratio and input motor and brake configuration.  The end product can be supplied with the hydraulic motor and valve or without, all according to the customer's requirements.

With our Motorized Drum Series, your ability to imagine it is the only limiting factor. 


 Model  Line Pull (lbs)  Line Pull (kg)

WDD A60 16,820
WDD B80 22,430  10,300
WDD C100 26,915
WDD D120 33,645  15,600
WDD E150 40,375  19,400
WDD F180 49,345  23,200
WDD G230 67,290  29,300
 Custom > 70,000 > 31,800

  • Smooth or Grooved Drums
  • Under or Over wound, CW and CCW Hoisting Directions
  • Negative Static Multi Disc Brake & Sprag Clutch
  • 98% Efficient Planetary Gears
  • Oil Level Kit can be Site, Stainless Steel or with a Dip Stick
  • API 2C Compliant
  • Orbit, Gear or Axial Piston motor configurations
  • Gear Ratio, Drum Length and Flange Height can be customized
  • Based on our WD Winch Drive Technology