P Series

P Series

The P series achieved its success due to its original design and compactness; the gears, brake and counter balance valve and motor are all housed inside the drum.


 Model  Line Pull (lbs)  Line Pull (kg)

 P6  1,680 
 P6/E  2,200  1,000
 P9  2,460  1,100
 P9/E  3,365  1,500
 P15  4,485  2,000
 P15/E  6,600  2,500
  • All Hoists are dynamically tested prior to shipment
  • Optional Cable Tensioners and Last Wrap Indicators
  • Standard Smooth or Optional Grooved Drums
  • Under or Over wound, CW and CCW Hoisting Directions
  • Negative Static Multi Disc Brake
  • 98% Efficient Planetary Gears
  • Rugged Fabricated Steel Construction
  •  P6
  •  P6/E
  •  P9
  •  P9/E
  •  P15
  •  P15/E

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  • Maintenance Manual
  • Spare Parts List