S Series

S Series

The S Series continues our long tradition of providing compact yet powerful lift solutions.  This series varies from 4,500 to 13,000 lbs of Line Pull on the drum and comes with a complete range of accessories. The S Series is of particular interest to those applications that require an extremely compact profile.



 Model  Line Pull (lbs)  Line Pull (kg)

 S15  4,485
 S19  5,600  2,500
 S20  5,600  2,500
 S25  7,175  3,200
 S27  7,960  3,550
 S30/2  8,520  3,800
  • All hoists are dynamically tested prior to shipment
  • Optional Cable Tensioners and Last Wrap Indicators
  • Standard Smooth Drums
  • Under or Over wound, CW and CCW Hoisting Directions
  • Negative Static Multi Disc Brake
  • 98% Efficient Planetary Gears
  • Rugged Fabricated Steel Construction
  • S15
  • S19
  • S20
  • S25
  • S27
  • S30/2
  • S35/2
  • S45/2
  • S45V/2

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  • Maintenance Manual
  • Spare Parts List